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Agarose Electrophoresis Lab Report | Gel Electrophoresis of DNA

altAgarose gel electrophoresis lab report
 writers at Custom writing bay understand that agarose gel electrophoresis is a common and widely used method to separate biological molecules based on their various characteristics such as size, charge, and shape. Our gel electrophoresis of DNA lab report writers identify the charged molecules that are separated to be mainly DNA, RNA, and proteins. The main advantages of gel electrophoresis that make it a method of choice are the great resolving power and the relative simplicity of the procedure.


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At Custom writing bay, our agarose gel electrophoresis lab report writers  identify the process of making the gel as simply as dissolving agarose powder in boiling buffer solution. Thereafter, the solution is cooled to approximately 55oc and then poured into a mould with a comb. Our writers single out the purpose of the comb as a means of creating wells into the gel where sample protein solutions to be separated will be poured into. Our agarose gel electrophoresis lab report  writers understand that thereafter, the samples of proteins to be separated are prepared by mixing them with components that will produce glycerol or sucrose.  The role of this mixing is to make the samples denser than the electrophoresis buffer. The samples are then poured into the wells with a micropipette or transfer pipette into the wells. They thus sink into the wells and remain in the buffer. Writers at Custom writing bay identify the next procedure in gel electrophoresis as the connection of a direct power supply to the apparatus after which a current is applied. Charge molecules in the sample enter the gel through the walls of the wells and molecules having a net negative charge, migrate towards the positive electrode, the anode; whereas those having a net positive charge migrate towards the negative electrode, the cathode.


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At Custom writing bay, we recognize that the higher the voltage applied, the faster the sample migration. Our gel electrophoresis of DNA lab report writers realize that factors, such as size, shape, charge, buffer conditions and gel concentrations affect the mobility of protein molecules in gels. Our agarose gel electrophoresis lab report writers understand that if two molecules are of the same molecular weight and shape, the molecule with greater amount of charge will migrate faster. In this process, the gels are visualized mainly by the use of dyes that will bind to the molecules and will then fluorescence.

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Coursework assignments help, For the best presentation, you should link with the best lab Report Writer. We ensure to assign your lab experiment results and details to the appropriate writer i.e. if it is a Biology lab report, it is assigned to a Biology lab report writer and if it’s a Physics lab report... to a physicist. We also consider the fact that some experiments report writing need writers at higher academic levels thus you can rest assured that your work is in safe hands.

4 tips on... "How to write a lab Report"

a)Lab Report Writing requires professional understanding of the experiment's theoretical background thus one must comprehend with the Subject matter completely. (Done in an abstract or in the introduction or separately)

b) While Writing a Lab Report, the procedure/methods and materials used must be articulated coherently and with descriptive tone.

c) The outcome of any experiment must be well presented, Interpreted and Discussed/Analyzed in the lab report to originate a meaning of the experiment.

d) A Lab Report should also have a conclusion so as to signify a comprehensive learning outcome of the practical exercise.

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